What We’re Doing Here

Welcome to the Pliancy blog.

Marcus Olson

Founder & CEO

Welcome to the Pliancy blog. Our first goal here is to give you a preview of what it’s like to work with us.

A blog opens a window into a company. It’s really hard, as a potential employee or client in this industry, to decipher the difference between one company and its competitors. We’re inviting you into our thought processes so you can see what makes us so different.

We had no online presence until about a year ago. And although we’ve been around and growing successfully for over a decade now, we recently reached a size that necessitated searching for clients and employees outside our network.

New clients, at least, were vetting us through peers. But we realized at some point that job candidates had to spend way too much time trying to determine if we were the right fit for each other. If you have no presence online at all, people are hesitant when your job ads are as positive as ours. We often hear from new employees that our role descriptions sounded “too good to be true,” until they saw what the company and culture was like for themselves.

Creativity and camaraderie are often undervalued in IT organizations. We continue to challenge that status quo by championing creative solutions as a team.

And now, with 60 team members and counting, it seems like a good time to start explaining to others how we advance our profession as a team in our own creative ways.

We didn’t want to put out just any blog. We wanted to really do something different—more authentic (an overused word for an under-used concept).

We want to be totally transparent about the challenges of what we do and how we think through them. When we talk about technology, we want to explore why it’s important. Or better yet, how we apply it.

We don’t want to talk about tech for tech’s sake or to advance an agenda. The latest and greatest technology products, why you should fear getting left behind… that sort of thing. You won’t find that here.

Put simply, this blog is about how we’re leveraging technology to create better experiences for ourselves and, in turn, for the companies we support.

We think very differently in our industry. Our approach to marketing is an extension of our general approach: everything revolves around, and is driven by, our people. We want our blog to reflect their voices and amplify their ideas.

We want to keep pushing the envelope in terms of transparency. We don’t guard secrets. In fact, we don’t have any magical ingredients in our special sauce: It’s all about the chefs themselves and how they work. By itself, the technology we use isn’t extraordinary; it’s how we implement it, orchestrate it, and train users to embrace it.

On a personal level, I’m just constantly impressed by the Pliancy team. They feed my faith in people daily. They renew my belief in the potential of creative problem solving within a strong team dynamic. They’re not afraid of what they’ll find by shining a light somewhere new. And ultimately, I believe that sharing our thoughts and expertise will advance our industry.

We’re excited to see where this journey leads us. Thanks for joining.

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