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About Pliancy

Who We Are

Our employees bring a wide spectrum of passions, perspectives, and experiences to their work every day. But as different as we are, the more Pliancy team members you speak with, you’ll start to notice the qualities we have in common: we collaborate with empathy, we go the extra mile, and we’re always willing to try new things. (We also appreciate a finely curated Slack emoji and we watch a lot of HBO.) Sound like your speed? Browse our open positions and apply today.

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Helpdesk IT Consultant (Boston)

Boston, Massachusetts, United States

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Benefits & perks designed for real life

We’ve carefully selected our benefits & perks to include programs you’ll actually use. Instead of machete-chopping your way through jungles of red tape, our benefits & perks are intentionally simple to use and easy to access (and automatic whenever possible).

Unlimited PTO

When we say “unlimited PTO,” we don’t mean “unlimited on paper but we really want you to take about two weeks including sick days and personal days.” We lead full lives outside of work, and all team members are encouraged to use PTO to rest and recharge as needed. Read more of our thoughts on unlimited PTO on our blog.

  • Unlimited vacation, sick, and personal time
  • PTO includes bereavement leave, cultural/religious observances, volunteering, and mental health days
Health Insurance

Medical insurance premiums are covered at 100% for employees and 50% for dependents. Concerned about co-pays and other expenses? No worries: Pliancy employees have access to a health reimbursement account for eligible out-of-pocket costs (which includes orthodontics and LASIK).

  • Employee medical insurance premiums covered at 100%
  • HRA for out-of-pocket expenses
  • One Medical membership
  • Benefits concierge services from Bennie
Employee Equity

Full-time employees receive stock option grants so we can share in Pliancy’s success. We’re building something together—so we all deserve the opportunity for shared ownership.

Other Benefits & Perks
Phone & Internet Reimbursement

$50 per month, combined, as compensation for using your mobile phone and home internet service in the course of business.


Company-provided work hardware that doesn’t suck. We’ll give you a few brand-new machines to choose from, so say goodbye to slow, beat-up hand-me-downs.

Mental Reset Days

Employees are encouraged to take one paid day off per month to focus on their mental health. Mental Reset Days are not classified as vacation or sick days; they’re intended solely for you to concentrate on being your best you.

Our Interview

We firmly believe that employer-employee relationships go both ways. The interview process isn’t just to check that you’re a good fit for Pliancy; you need to determine whether Pliancy is a good fit for you, too. That’s why we prioritize open and candid communication to make sure everyone is aligned. On average, the full interview process lasts 3 to 4 weeks.

Getting to Know You

In an initial screening interview, you’ll chat with a peer to talk about your background and what it’s like at Pliancy.

Duration: 30 Minutes
Meet your Manager

Talk through your experiences, your collaboration style, and the position’s responsibilities with the hiring manager.

Duration: 1 HOUR
Technical Assessment

Show off your skills through a technical assessment (or an equivalent assignment for operational & support roles).

Duration: 1 HOUR
The Deep Dive

Discuss your long-term career goals, our growth pathways, and more in this final interview.

Duration: 30 Minutes