Cloud Services

Get the expertise you need for the cloud experience you deserve. We’re bringing Pliancy’s people-centric, high-touch approach to the cloud.


Pliancy’s Cloud Offerings

Your environment is as unique as your company. Let us build the architecture you need, optimized for your resources.

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Audit Reporting

Take the first step toward a more efficient cloud with our audit service. Our team will review your billing, security, and best practices, then provide recommendations for improvements.

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Active Monitoring

We actively monitor your environment for suspicious activity, critical instance/server deletions, and any other defined activities that need attention. Our Cloud Services team promptly investigates all alerts.

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Cloud Strategy

In collaboration with your stakeholders, our specialists will develop the end-to-end strategy that’s right for you, along with a roadmap that ensures every element of your cloud is working toward your goals.

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With regular audits, rigorous monitoring, and industry-leading security measures, our cloud experts will customize a comprehensive security plan for you, providing the peace of mind you deserve.

icon of a gear in the middle of multiple nodes, showing architecture deployment
Architecture Deployment

Pliancy uses infrastructure as code (IaC) to automate repeatable processes and streamline deployments to reduce both work time and cost, leaving you with a leaner, faster, and more efficient environment.

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Cost Optimization

Make your cloud work for you. Our team can lower your cloud expenses through automation for recurring requests, tagging to reduce work utilization, and reserved instances to reduce workload costs.

“Pliancy is positioned to understand my needs—in some cases faster than I can even recognize them.”

— Jim Stewart


Make Your Cloud Work for You

  • Audit, Build, or Streamline Your Environment

Cloud Services at a Glance

Your cloud architecture should balance data protection with the demands of daily use; it should be optimized, not overcomplicated. After years of specializing in IT for bold, emerging companies, Pliancy understands your needs, challenges, and priorities—and now, we’re applying that knowledge to cloud services.

Our team uses best-practice architecture for faster access to your data, security integrations to reduce risk, cost optimization tooling to maximize your ROI, and more.