In Pursuit of Shared Success

When we build together, we build better. Employee equity reflects the work it takes to get there.

Jasmine Francis

VP of People

Equity is a long-term incentive that recognizes the material impacts of employees at a growing company. It rewards the determination required to turn a pile of parts into a well-oiled machine. Instead of rehashing how equity improves retention and motivates employees, let’s do something different. Lace up your running shoes—we’re going for a jog.

Treadmills vs. Trails

At a traditional company, working can be like a treadmill. (And no, I’m not about to condemn all work as a rat race.) Treadmills are consistent. You know what you’re getting; you can set your speed, distance, incline, and intervals.

Because you’re indoors, you’re protected from the elements, so you can run in any weather or at any time of day. But even if you run a full marathon on that treadmill, the view that greets you will be the same one you’ve stared at the whole time.

At a growing company, working is more like a trail run. You’re learning the route in real time. You don’t choose when the trail goes uphill and when it goes downhill. If it’s raining, you get wet. If the trail is washed out, you have to find your own way.

Through all this, trails give you the excitement of discovery. There’s always the potential for something unexpected around the next bend. The view at the end, you hope, will be spectacular.

Neither of these options is inherently better than the other. You might like both; you might like neither. The difference is in the experience.

Building Pliancy Together

Though Pliancy has been in business for over a decade, we still operate with a startup mindset as we scale and mature our operations. We’re in the nitty gritty. If there’s a tree blocking us, we roll up our sleeves, push it out of the way, or find a better way around. Most importantly, we make sure the path is clear for the runners who come after us.

At Pliancy, individuals at every level have incredible autonomy and high impact potential. Our team members shape the services we provide, the way we offer those services, the products we select, and the internal processes that keep us… well, running.

Equity As a Tangible Reward

Equity options are a pledge we make to our employees that despite the growing pains, and despite the fact that things sometimes feel hard, everyone will have the opportunity to share in our success in a tangible, financial way.

That will take patience. It will take grit. But if we work together long enough, and if we push ourselves far enough, we can go the distance. When we take in that stunning vista at the end of the trail, we’ll enjoy it as a team.

This is part II in a series of short essays on employee equity at Pliancy: why we choose to offer it, how equity reflects our efforts, what it means to employees, and how to make equity a reality.

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