Case Study

5AM Ventures

“Pliancy was with us throughout not just years of systems upgrades, but a major construction effort as we physically relocated. You supported us with extra people as we needed them, when we needed them”

David Allison

How has it been working with your dedicated team of engineers?

Something I’ve always valued in our relationship with Pliancy is that you’re very thoughtful and knowledgeable about technical aspects of IT. And at the same time, your entire team is able to communicate well and are really responsive around the clock — a high-touch group that understands our business and our needs and the type of personalities we have at our firms.

Any venture firm has a wide variety of people with vastly different working styles. Over the years, your group has always been able to work across that spectrum of people. It’s been super valuable for us, from way back in 2009 when we were running off our 2002 Compaq, to installing an in-house server, then moving to a private cloud, and later to a larger public cloud solution.

“Along our broad spectrum of IT activity, Pliancy has continually provided that high-touch support.”

What’s your favorite feature since moving to the Pliancy platform?

From a pure user perspective, I love being able to drill down on my phone into files that I want to access on our server, in our file structure. It’s so seamless and direct. It’s just like I’m at my computer, and gives me better control when I travel.

We’re also starting to see some team behavior change for things like our weekly meetings. Instead of emailing and printing out seven dashboards, everybody just knows where they are and that they can access them through whatever device they have in front of them.

And you’ve made an iron-clad level of security incredibly simple for us: the interface is easy to use and incorporate as habit. Even if you log on from a new device, or otherwise just connect through the set-up, it’s super straightforward.

“That continuity and seamlessness of work when you need it — really it’s just peace of mind.”