Case Study

Forty Seven Inc

“You’ve built a scalable, secure IT architecture for us which is, essentially, invisible to the user.”

Kyle Elrod

What was it about Pliancy that convinced you to work with us?

There were many factors. First of all, when we started talking I could see right away that you were a higher tier of vendor, working with a high-tier clientele. Which meant to me that you would create more robust infrastructure, designed and managed by more professional people.

If you look at the life of IT infrastructure over time, setting it up correctly to be robust actually adds value, right? Because small things like data interruptions or desktop failures add up. Just in terms of pharmaceuticals, what ultimately yields the most value is the ability to sell a product in the future, which is a time-based commodity. So time becomes more and more important as a product becomes more valuable.

I realized too when I saw your contracts that you didn’t have the five-year lock-ins that are typical with other Managed Service Providers. It was just, “This is the deal. And if you don’t get the outcomes you want, you can change.” Pliancy is clearly a company that wants to prove their worth.

“Along our broad spectrum of IT activity, Pliancy has continually provided that high-touch support.”

What about our approach lends itself well to hyper-scaling companies?

The way you build a robust architecture that can be scaled quickly and effectively. It affects our ability to do everything, and we know we can add more and more employees to that base foundation without issue.

And the back-end work is absolutely invisible to our employees. The first time, I basically announced to the executives, “We’re doing this transition and you might notice some down time.” But it was smooth, seamless, and awesome. You guys do this so well: you upgrade us in a way that doesn’t yield any impact to the users. And that’s because your people are such experts. But also because of the fundamental seamlessness and security of the Pliancy platform.

We rely on your impeccable standards. But on top of that, you’re flexible and just understand all our needs. That’s impossible for a typical IT firm because their whole system is set up to be the cheapest possible, which doesn’t allow for that personalization and flexibility.

Is there a commonality that stands out across all of our people?

Professionalism is the first one that comes to mind. Being personable is another one. I appreciate that, not being an IT person myself, if I ask for an explanation I get one within my frame of reference. I think that speaks to the quality of hires you make.

Over our five-year history together, your employee base appears very stable to me. I’ve worked with lower-tier vendors that had constant turnover because the environments were limiting to their employees, who needed to grow and move on to another level. We’d end up having to retrain over and over. But with Pliancy, your stable personnel base yields a stable IT architecture. Which in turn yields a stable platform and better user experience.

Would you recommend Pliancy?

Without hesitation. I’d score Pliancy as an 11 out of 10.

“We rely on Pliancy to suggest the top-quality apps that work best for us. I don’t know what that best future app will be. But I’m certain you will, and you’ll bring it up.”

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